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“What do i want for x mas”

What do you need for x- mas some one asked?

And i thought it for a little bit, what do i want?
Well i will like to get a new microphone a studio mic, so i can record songs with better voice for example, a new computer so i can make better videos, something with at least dual core, or may be a a HD super camera to; So i can make HD videos, well if i think it i need a lots of things the list can go on and on, and for some reason never stop; But i have really have been asking for some thing for a very good time now, i have been asking for a fuck friend, i have been posting for some good time over the internet on craig and many other sites and have got no luck.
What happened to DARKO and his enchants, i haven got anything jet, so Santa please give me a fuck friend, who knows may be i find the love of my life in a fuck, but really Continue reading