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I’m back!!!

Hello my people, my true followers, my sweeties that help me forget that “the world is a big pile of dirt” (the Pope said) and I agree…Is been a long time, this is going to be awful long, maybe; i don’t know where to start.
OK after all my struggle to make money the curse started arriving to my life stronger and crazier, first: Continue reading

“¿Is it here jet?”

I think that most of you are familiarized with the end of the world; For years is been a theme on Hollywood and something to talk about in the news, the most common theories is that the aliens are going to invade our planet, or the other is the most resent one that the planet is just going to end on 2012 just like the Aztecs predicted, and not just the Aztecs many other religions predicted for this year; But what do you think?, does it look like the end is here, i think 2012 i more like a year of opportunities, is not the end, their is a lot more to come, don’t you think so? Continue reading

As many of you read before i already purchase a domain, my domain name is, Continue reading


Well i guess , since no one ever ask or comment anything, that some people(ppl) are surfing on the web and find this DARKOTV thing, and say o good and click and come in expecting to find some tv show or some free online tv or at least some radio, well i Chose the name cause well i called my self DARKO cause Continue reading