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Trump, the war and the wall!!!

So, what about Trump?                               Well as we all know my favorite president of the united States is out already, I hope one day we can have tacos together now he’s not on the presidency. Ok so enough of relaxation u.s, Trump is on now, and he made a very amazing entrance, but the people didn’t liked that aggressive entrance he made so as people do they made him hold down to his horses somehow!!! Continue reading

I’m back!!!

Hello my people, my true followers, my sweeties that help me forget that “the world is a big pile of dirt” (the Pope said) and I agree…Is been a long time, this is going to be awful long, maybe; i don’t know where to start.
OK after all my struggle to make money the curse started arriving to my life stronger and crazier, first: Continue reading

Doggie – feelies or not!!!! (zooxxx)!!!


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I remember when i was a young, i herded stories about ppl fucking chickens and goats on ranches (I have a cousin that said her boy friend was cached fucking goats and that is why she left hem) , i thought it was so disgusting and that ppl that did that was fat ugly looking people with pimples on their genitals and full of sickness, when i got a little bit older remember a friend that i used to mess around with, told me that he saw this little poppies sucking on the bitch teats and he was so horny and need it a suck Continue reading

Error-fuck off-

Hi ppl, how you been is been a long time now since the last entry i published and i guess you are wondering why, well let me tell you the thing is i was going to make this entry about mind craft and sphere of despair that some one made , and  i had the entry ready but my pc got a virus or something and for some stupid reason (accident) i Continue reading

“amazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience

Alyssa Bustamante – A Missouri teenager who admitted stabbing, strangling and slitting the throat of a young neighbor girl wrote in her journal on the night of the killing that it was an “amazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience — then headed off to church with a laugh. Continue reading

“Happy Valentines”

Valentines day again, what should i do, still alone , still have no friends and is cause i don’t want friends, friends just reminds me of trouble, i enjoy being alone, but what can i write about, well i have no idea, but i know i want to write something this month, is been years since love was part of mi life and i don believe in friendship no more, i don’t even love to hate or hate to love, i have a big flatness for this day and i have been trying to resuscitated it; valentines is been dead for years. Continue reading

“¿Is it here jet?”

I think that most of you are familiarized with the end of the world; For years is been a theme on Hollywood and something to talk about in the news, the most common theories is that the aliens are going to invade our planet, or the other is the most resent one that the planet is just going to end on 2012 just like the Aztecs predicted, and not just the Aztecs many other religions predicted for this year; But what do you think?, does it look like the end is here, i think 2012 i more like a year of opportunities, is not the end, their is a lot more to come, don’t you think so? Continue reading