Trump, the war and the wall!!!

So, what about Trump?                               Well as we all know my favorite president of the united States is out already, I hope one day we can have tacos together now he’s not on the presidency. Ok so enough of relaxation u.s, Trump is on now, and he made a very amazing entrance, but the people didn’t liked that aggressive entrance he made so as people do they made him hold down to his horses somehow!!!

  • Building a wall.
  • Getting immigrants out.
  • Starting war.

Jup!!!, I like his ideas is time that u.s recovers their fame of strict rules and is where grate power comes from not a country that is flexible with everything full of wholes saying “Everything is OK we got it under control” when is a lie. It’s a lie that the country haves no pain no more, is just that there are to many immigrants in the country that they pretend it hurts no more and try to see it positive and try to make something positive out of it!!!

Yes Trump get all the immigrants out, they do everything wrong since the beginning they cross your border illegally then they find a way to become legal, that is by getting married to a women born on the u.s or that has become citizen then they say they love u.s and that they love their rules now they steal from the government with pure lies, usually they say to the government they live in the u.s to get benefits like money and medical and they go back to mx and live like real wealthy people with the money they get out free with lies out of the u.s government.Is not fare all that money comes from the taxes that all the hard working citizens pay, why they always complain about Trump being inhuman that’s a big lie; He is just being president and doing what a president have to do!!!

OK they make him stop with the deportations and as he’s probably starting a war with North Korea he somehow agree because if the war starts he will send all the immigrants first to fight for what they came to be “their country” this war is a purge, a purge the world needs.

People just like to do whatever the fuck they want and they don’t look at the consequences, I don’t know what he’s waiting for, he should start the war soon, I think the wall needs to be build to; I’m Mexican and I stay in México even I hate being Mexican sometimes but is my reality.

Now on the war side, I think nothing is going to happen, u.s is scared of North Korea, now that north korea is not listening, u.s went to o.n.u to see if they can make North Korea stop their missile testing, Trump had said it, North Korea is a though enemy and now they have Russia saying they will attack u.s and destroy that antymissile wall Trump build on South Korea, things can get real though, I think I want this war to happen it needs to be done!!!

Go Trump, be smart build the wall to, you should deport all the immigrants, make Mexico pay the wall and build it to with Mexican labor, that would make it better cause it will bring some income, a job opportunity for Mexicans in México, that way they will stay in their country and you solve firm and important issue for your county!!!



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