I’m back!!!

Hello my people, my true followers, my sweeties that help me forget that “the world is a big pile of dirt” (the Pope said) and I agree…Is been a long time, this is going to be awful long, maybe; i don’t know where to start.
OK after all my struggle to make money the curse started arriving to my life stronger and crazier, first:

  • The death of my cousin and number one follower, number one friend, number one for a long time…
  • My mom and the number one stalker went away from home…
  • My health got weird for some time, I was health but something was hitting at me, a curse…
  • I got a job…
  • Things got stalkie every were.
  • I’m back at home.

Ok, I used to have one friend that every time I wrote or do anything I always aiming at he’s taste and hoping he likes it. I lost hem when i was on my last relationship I had no time for anyone else but my girlfriend. I remember I used to go to he’s house in a hurry cause I was always with my girl, he used to always talk about he was going to die he was sad and jelous to cause I was he’s only friend even he tried to keep he’s mind bussy; then my daughter came and I had no time but to work and socialise with coworkers, well when I started making this darkotv thing it was cause i was feeling empty to, now idont have a girlfriend and i barely can see my daughter or visit her, my friend now got a life and is always taking care of hes son (nephew) and playing video games.

I used to talk to hem but he kind of making it back, you know “I’m bussy” I got stuff to take care of or just bussy playing video games, well I tried to get to talk to them showing hem stuff im making online and talking about Manson we always used to talk about Manson, he was the only man I used to talk about my deepest desires and stuff like that all the time. We use to talk long time ago about we were going to build and organisation named heavenly hell that we were going to build one day but we never got to build it; I miss my friend, time and different methods and personal stuff divided us and now he’s dead, last conversations I had was (o I’m going to wake up real early cause I need to go pre order GTA 5 or 4 for my little one then next week he told me he was deep playing GTA and he barely talking cause he was sleeping all day and playing all night, then my birthday came he called and said happy birthday and I’m like no way you called and he said yes I knew it was your bd but I was bussy I said o you such a deja abajos that stands for a person that let you down, you said you were going to come to TJ puto and  what a good time to celebrate than my birthday and have a good time together; he said may be on Xmas I buy a bottle of mansinth and celebrate Xmas togheter and we taste that so mentioned Marilyn Manson mansinth bottle, OK Ok OK I said my mom is in a hurry she needs to talk to your mom and that was it; 2 days latter he died. The phone rings the 27th of October I picked it up and it was her sister saying, Richard is dead and I replied no way!!! Till today I haven’t spell any tears as he asked me to do some were on 2007 when he first started talking about hem dying, now he’s remains (ashes) remain in a tiny box with he’s name time and a description that says ” the beautiful people”.

Now the time has passed a lot of shit was going on on my path a lot of drama, a lot of psychological harassment a lot of violence a lot of reports me fighting potheads neighbours and some tweekers and all this crazy people around most immigrants deported people or people with messi life’s that like to point at other people, so I started fighting back it was a lot of psychological tension like if a war started or something,  firs one to leave was my personal stalker since it had years that graduated and he had he’s needs or something I mean I don’t care just good news he’s out, I think it was he’s stuff those issues being crated all around you know a psychological war since he started years ago when he started using psychological drugs, but now he waves stronger wopends cause he staudy psychology and specialise on psychotherapy, well Les don’t make this blog about no one else but my life, then after he got out my mom went to Europe for like a month then when she came back she one day was talking to me then she went upstairs to her room and I started hearing doors and closet open and close and noises next thing I know she is downstairs with a bit case and said I’m leaving this is your house if you want electricity you pay for it if you want gas you buy gas if you want to eat buy food etc… You are on your own now your a big boy can take care of yourself and left saying nothing about were she left or why.

Time passed, I had some money like 2000 DLLs from some business I had made started living my life that was a real healthy life and was colecting plastics and aluminum to make some extra money, my mom comes and visits me every now and then and we talk she never tells me about were she lives or what happens in her life, she said she living on the beach renting and is all i know, is so strange cause i used to know everything, now all i know is my stuff. One day in the middle of presure and dispointments i sit on a otto man my mom left and broked it next day i woke up real early and since i woked everything was strange so strange i started fixing the otto man and when i was nailing the frame i mist the frame so many times and poke my hand, that was one of the strange things cause i know how to handle all kinds of tools i been working for a long time now on construction then i started feeling dizzy and boom my new phone felt in the floor and got screen cracked, i had no medical ensurnce and not much money i went upstairs to sit and think and boom boom boom my phone ends on the floor one time and another i was feeling weird and stupid kind of dizzy so i end up calling red cross and end up at the red cross hospital with my hart bitting fast they give me something to calm it down and it did, i was sent to get general blood test i did and by the time i got free city medical insurance and took them to the city doctors, they say im sne even on neurons im so good neurologicly intact i was just a little over weight like 5 pounds, i got blood presure tested for like a month every day and every day ws good, so the final veredict was i had anxiety but the doctor said it was going to go away with time i got some pills prescribed and some other doctor hd give me some real hard downers to calm me down and it was strange cause i wasnt even drinking aspirin or caugh syrup in years and the pills had me so stupid so this doctor took away those pillsand he gave me some other real mellow medication that I just need it to take every time I feel weird, so, he become my friend and invited me to some conferences with he’s family and he even paid for them, then he came to my house to and I still have he’s phone number I talk to hem some times to ask questions abou t medications, but my health gets weird some times on this time of my life, so some times I end up on E R and fell like my hard is hitting had and they check me out and say I have nothing wrong that I’m probably hipochondriac, so i still experience weird stuff and still traying to survibe.

Now we are in some time latter, my money almost gone,  so I started looking for a job on CL and some other online sources cause I had not much money to be spending on gas, I was preocupuying cause it was years since the last time I had a real job like with contract and everything; one day my phone rings and I got a called are you DARKO ( HAHA NAH HE ACTUALY SAYS MY NAME HERE) and I replied yes, so he said are you the guy that replied online for a job on a metal factory I said yeah, he said can you come right away and I’m like sure I’ll just take a shower and I’ll be there, so I did and I worked there for like year 6 months everything fine, I still don’t drink I still dont drink I still have no friend I drink a Apple shake and oatmeal every morning I shower with cold water and don’t use gas on the house I set low cholesterol foods and don’t eat white breads all healthy stuff no sugars …. In this place I started making income, I started drinking again occasionally my boss the owner of the factory was cool but with time it started getting psychologically stuff like tension and drama and shit so I staid sane a s much I coud I eat sugars sometimes the weekend or drink with friends and I still feel weird sometimes and keep getting blood tests and I’m fine the doctor always send me to the nurses and gives me condoms and said have fun but I don’t have a girlfriend all the lady’s coming to my life think they know it all and I need to change my life to her life stile within don’t like how that work so in my work I started having trouble now the boss yelds at me and act like a total asshole and give me huge penalties $, the boss said is the administration the administration saids is the office guy and every one points fingers at every one I barely get extra hours and never get paid extra hours, I got promise bonus and got nothing cause I looked or thought weird, till one day this guy just came to me talking shit and the guy from the office tells me if your fight I will send you home for 2 weeks as penalty and not getting paid so I turned to get my stuff and keep working and I got punched my fang went true my lip and I got a paid week at home, after that I went back to work and was tired of the place the guys in the office said I startle the piece of shit to punch me I got paid like half of the money so I was done I called the guy that contracted me here that was not working here no more he went with the company we making the pieces for, I said hey remember you told me that when I get tire of this place to call you and you going to offer me more money and a better place to work so now is the time he said, OK come and see the place, so I quit my job and waited like a week to start working on the main company I got paid more money and got a lot of extra hours and have a lunch room and have more everything clean restrooms clean environment and everything I’m wealthing but unusually grinding cause that what my contract says, the company was cal-mil a company from u.s that manufactures in MX I was being treated real good till the coworkers started acting like shit so I decided to leave cause I was making a lot more then everyone there and income was lower then few, I was even not going to work for a full week and just told to keep working that I was going to get amonestation $ but keep working, I had my own working table my own tools and people still getting on my stuff so one day I said Im tire of this in the other place I got punched in the face now i m going to really start it here so I try starting a fight and crushed on to some one car and it said nothing and my side mirror felt on the floor I didn’t went to work in a week again and when I got back they told me I cannot quit that I was a good worker and then they said staynto months and I give you what you want but I said no more I decided to leave, after that I have been working making metal fences and metal door and window protection with a self employed guy or contractor and sealing stuff over the Internet and making my own stuff, like wood pet houses and stuff and cutting trees…

Is been two months now since i stopped working on a big company, the first weeks no one that lives around was around I barely see sneighbours around or bary listen to any one around, then little by little all the fucking bleaders started to appear little by little like one of those zombie seasons, I blame it as n infection like Mexicans usually have real bad habits and one of them is not having limitations and don’t respect no one or anything they have to be scare cause they don’t know the word respect. Is getting very stalky around again and I barely been like 2 months on the house and every one work doing the same thing or stuff related, weighing metal industry or every one needs those kind of jobs done but some one else do it, they don’t ask me to do the job and I’m just a helper the guy I work with makes real fine metal structures and everything related to metal.

I’m back at home, I been here some times I work long periods and some time I don’t work at all, I started making new videos for my other YouTube channel I got a microscope camera but YouTube still won’t pay, and hoping one day I become at least a youtuber, I still have Laney Chantal as a friend on Twitter and cage replies to me on DM I’m like oau! But still not making money out of my music or art or videos! Well I have been feeling real harassed by every one everything talks about me but nah! Is crazy shit, still eating healthy and my abs the phew I got startingmtomdisapear is the fucking curve getting me as cancer as aids catches up and ends everything up!!!

I will be around and going to be taking care of my stuff as much I can, I’m trying to get a part time job so I have a lot of time to take care of home my self I have been making some natural wood things and getting plants, I’m going to start buying lottery if I win the money I will go buy something far away from the city some were in the mountains and buy lions to eat every intruter that getts in my personal area of inspiration and spiritual calm.

U.s is almost starting a war, vote for Trump I wished he kicked all the fucking immigrants from he’s coury to let every one know and make them respect, teach them a lesson that they can not be laughing at every one but no he prefers to leave them in the country and used them cause if war starts they will be the first people to go, I really been wanting a war to start the world needs violence.

I been here sitting or working feeling like Lord Russo watching everything decay…



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