Doggie – feelies or not!!!! (zooxxx)!!!


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I remember when i was a young, i herded stories about ppl fucking chickens and goats on ranches (I have a cousin that said her boy friend was cached fucking goats and that is why she left hem) , i thought it was so disgusting and that ppl that did that was fat ugly looking people with pimples on their genitals and full of sickness, when i got a little bit older remember a friend that i used to mess around with, told me that he saw this little poppies sucking on the bitch teats and he was so horny and need it a suck , so he wait till the bitch went out and got the poppies to suck he’s thing out, he said it was the ultimate sucking experience, that friend of mine didn’t look nasty and sick at all, nerdy geeky looking person, from good family, good manners, well educated, about age 13 or younger.
Then some time later some other friends now I’m talking about 16, 18 yr old; I was a little bit older now, they used to say when we were fooling around talking shit about each other stuff, their was 2 dudes that where cousins, that always said that one night one worked up to go take a piss and the bathroom was occupied so he decide to go outside and piss on the side of the house were the dogs are, and he found he’s cousin fucking a dog or the dog was sucking on hem something like that i really don’t remember the story well, but every time they come around with the story, the point on each other blaming one another of the action, so i guess is very common, but is not to accepted in society.

The other day i was looking  true the internet in one of that pornographic web sites that haves random content and i saw many videos of zoo play were upload it like any other pornographic content, and i can believe that i see the most pretty and fragile chicks having big thing’s on her vegi-n-s, it looks like the times are changing and the ppl to; Ppl now are very sick we are all very sick is part of our world, i mean i used to think that it was because of oppression or something, you know?, ugly ppl that can’t score, full of needs took their sexual energy to what ever the fuck is in front of them, but i see the hottest looking chicks doing that with their poppies, horses and who knows what, like doing anything else, very young teens, i bet they can get a guy to fuck them but they just like the animal, you know!!!
So let me get in a little bit on the terminology  for that ppl that like doing that stuff understand what their doing:

There are three terms that are most commonly used in regards to the subject: zoophilia, bestiality, and zoosexuality. The terms are usually relatively
interchangeable.Zoosadism, sodomy, zooerasty and zooerastiaare other terms closely related to the subject but are less synonymous with the former terms and/or are not commonly used. “Bestiosexuality” was discussed briefly by Allen (1979), but never became established.

The term “zoophilia” was introduced into the field of research on sexuality in Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) by Krafft-Ebing, who described a number of cases of “violation of animals (bestiality)”,as well as “zoophilia erotica”,which he defined as a sexual attraction to animal skin or fur. Zoophilia can refer to sexual activity with non-human animals (bestiality), the desire to do so, or to the paraphilia (atypical arousal) of the same name which indicates a definite preference for animals over humans as sexual partners. Some zoophiles and researchers draw a distinction between zoophilia and bestiality, using the former to describe the desire to form sexual relationships with animals, and the latter to describe the sex acts alone. Bestiality is frequently misspelled as “beastiality”.Even when spelled “bestiality”, the word has two common pronunciations, (/ˌbestʃiˈæləti/ or /ˌbistʃiˈæləti/), with the first syllable sounding either like “best” or “beast”, The latter is more frequently used in the United States.

Masters (1962) uses the term “bestialist” specifically in his discussion of zoosadism, which refers to deriving sexual pleasure from cruelty to animals. Stephanie LaFarge, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the New Jersey Medical School, and Director of Counseling at the ASPCA, writes that two groups can be distinguished: bestialists, who rape or abuse animals, and zoophiles, who form an emotional and sexual attachment to animals.Williams and Weinberg studied self-defined zoophiles via the internet and found they saw the term as involving concern for the animal’s welfare and pleasure, and an emphasis on believing they obtained consent, as opposed to the zoophile’s concept of bestialists, who zoophiles defined as a group who focused only on their own gratification. Williams and Weinberg also quoted a British newspaper as saying that zoophilia is the term used by “apologists” of bestiality.


The term “zoosexual” was cited by the researcher Miletski in the year 2002. It was seen as a value-neutral term which would be less susceptible to being loaded with emotion or rhetoric. Usage of the noun “zoosexual” can be applied to both a “zoosexual (person)” which is synonymous with zoophile, and a “zoosexual act”, meaning a sex act between a human and an animal. The term “zoosexuality” is often used by zoophile forums and support groups, which manifests as a person being romantically and/or sexually attracted to animals.

Zoosadism and zooerasty

Ernest Bornemann (1990, cited by Rosenbauer 1997) coined the separate term “zoosadism” for those who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on an animal, sometimes with a sexual component. Some horse-ripping incidents may have a sexual connotation.Krafft-Ebing, the same author who introduced zoophilia, used the term “zooerasty” for the paraphilia of exclusive sexual attraction to animals,but the term has fallen out of use.

-Source of info. wiki-

So i see here that ppl that haves sex with animals and the ppl that are attracted to fur animal and or skin it falls in the same terminology that is “zoophilia erotica”
And for example tha ppl that rapes animals and get pleasure of that and the ppl that fight animals for pleasure (fun) fall in the same term that will be “bestiality”
but it although can be separated by the term “Bestiosexuality” or “zoosadism” for that ppl that haves pleasure of raping animals…………
I mean is crazy all of this terms that they come up with but for me is just Horney ppl, i mean for the rapist is rapist on animal or not i don’t have no personal feelings for that kind of ppl but i just dot want to be around them !!!!!

I still can come up with a lot of things coming out of this terms but you know i think is enough now lets move to the laws is ¿zoophilia illegal? , or how the law treats this thing, and that was the thing that scared me when i was on this page that i like to visit, cause, I’m there to look for porn but the site just haves it all in one, it haves stuff like 2 girls and 1 cup video, and many disgusting stuff, but that still OK , legally talking, but the zoofys it can be crazy so i investigated if the site was legal and i found out in the forums that some ppl reported it to the fb’s and the page still up, so i investigated a little bit more cause i don’t like no one to come up with stories and, i found that the law says that zoofilia is legal in some states of the united states, and some other countries, but i still find it crazy to believe it cause one thing is having to do things with animals , and the other is making porn with them,  is what i read but who knows it may be consider as just videos with sexual contempt cause it is not porn company or anything, i mean i don’t know, went it comes to laws sometimes their is some very strange stuff to, but who cares I’m going to keep visiting the page every some time like i usual do, to see what i see, and for the laws I’m going to set you some stuff i found on the internet, so your familiarized with it , cause i just could not let this go cause i see a lot of beautiful young teens doing this and their is a lot of ppl that bothers ppl just because they don’t know that type of things or just because they like bugging(bulling) and they choose this type of persons to point their anger to, so lets continue.

OK what i found is that half of the city’s on the states haves laws against it, and i think they treat it as sodomy.

A sodomy law is a law that defines certain sexual acts as crimes. The precise sexual acts meant by the term sodomy are rarely spelled out in the law, but are typically understood by courts to include any sexual act deemed unnatural. It also has a range of similar euphemisms. These acts typically include oral sex, anal sex and bestiality; in practice such laws have rarely been enforced against heterosexual couples.

Sodomy laws can be found around the world. Today, consensual homosexual acts between adults are illegal in about 70 out of the 195 countries of the world (approximately 36%); in 40 of these, only male-male sex is outlawed.
Bestiality is legal (or at least not expressly outlawed) in these U.S. states:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
South Dakota
West Virginia

Read more:

So the other half of the states that don’t have laws against well you are just screwed.

Other news -The senate of the united states of America just repeal bans on sodomy and bestiality in the military, you can read the full article here:
And in México i if I’m not wrong, i think they don’t have any thing that provides it so it makes it legal……..
So in conclusion all of the females and males out there that like or have been thinking of having sex with their pets, i just have to say don’t make them suffer cause you can be treated for animal cruelty, lets hope you all have a great time loving your pets in many ways, not necessarily sexually, but if you do don’t hurt them, and do them were is not provided.
And ass for me all i got to say I’m a perv that enjoys art;( when I’m not watching porn or anything related I’m doing or watching art) is the first time publicly i admit i watch porn, if you have a story to tell or link to this blog entry, any comment you want to leave or anything don be afraid of doing it so  this was DARKO from darkotv till next time………….


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13 responses to “Doggie – feelies or not!!!! (zooxxx)!!!

  • darko

    It cant be that bad is on YouTube to !!!!

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Humans use words as a weapon. Our military uses weapons thinking they are good too. When humans stop using words as a weapon to harm a human we will have a godly society ready for Gods kingdom with more being ready for his kingdom. The Christians are the persecuted. Hate is at the root of perpetuating STDs too. upcspine, practitioner U,C,S,. Bible is never against sex with another species. Destructive hate is against the zoosexual. Gods love is in the zoo. It is love against hate Satan against God.

    • DARKO

      I like your comment is very positive, is great to think good admits this type of behavior, but i think this is called sodomy, and i think is not welcome in no religion, but most religions says that no matter what you have done you can always repent from your hart and you will be welcome to gods empire, but i think you say you find it very spiritual, and spiritual is not necessarily from bible or god, i mean in general i think we all have the right to choose for wrong on right; to me, wrong is all the thing is against the willing of others, i mean you can set a piece of wood by force in another piece of wood but wood don’t have a soul, but if you hurt the animals like not just interact with them but hurt them is another thing, i mean, i don’t care for those things i don’t know but if i have the knowledge that happened well i have to do something about it if it can get me involved on something bad, like a little drama or legal actions, i don’t want to be in that kind of stuff……
      But if you have fun with your pets, in a very different way then most of the people, just try don’t to hurt them so you can make a point and make this kind of activities accepted one day in society or at least more accepted……
      i heard today that the united states of America is planning to legalize marihuana for recreational purpose in a very short present and it was something very non some years ago, may be one day can be legal to have sex with your animals, i mean is not illegal but the government doesn’t have many laws against or in pro of humans and animals having sex, may be in some years if people like you show is not in a destructive way it may be legal, and have a law that protects people like you……..
      Thanks for the comment, people like you gives life to the blog, keep commenting…………….
      And fuck all you want, and if you hit them and some one catches you i guess you are going to get what you deserve.

      • Jonathan Hughes

        The religious people were the sodomites. read Isaiah 1 KJV. The sin is oppressing.The zoo with man made laws, and religious people oppress. Religious people miss use scripture to harm .I use it to heal. Jesus heals not harming anyone. Mark 14:1-9 KJV the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death. Cry’s of death to zoosexuals, bestialists, Pedo’s are also heard. . John 12;10 the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death;Hell is not a place I have along list of their lies. Hell is the glorified face of God Moses could look at or die. God is both known as a consuming fire or light. Youtube oppr3essing is no better than the oppressive sodomites. I don’t see jesus in it. How can a person survive the light of God not being like Jesus will be imposable.
        Gods light seen to the human that kills or hates not being like Jesus seeing God glory as if it was fire = hell. KJV 1 John 1;5, God is light. Heb; 12:29; a consuming fire. James 1:17, Father of lights, Hell is the glorified face of God Moses could not look at or become ashes. That light makes the earth to have no more sea making elements melt, and consumes the wicked around the city of God rev, 20. Hell is not a place. No lost no lake of fire. Gods light is good to those that love to do good.

        Youtube is esentally calling what God made bad. Will people be in Gods kingdom calling what God made bad?

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Youtube is anti sex. Youtube people will be destroyed in Gods light perpetuating hatred for hatred is murder. Youtube personnel, to God are murderers. Think about that Youtube.

    • DARKO

      i think you are being so extreme, i mean i hate youtube favoritism to some users but i don’t think they are going to go to hell for that….

      • Jonathan Hughes

        It is youtube’s spirit of attack.. it is militaristic .The furry or zoosexual videos are not militaristic at all but they are attacked. How is that being goodly? If not godly what is Youtube?What is youtube teaching the world. They are saying attack for the fun of it is what it is. Jesus does not do that. People that do that will be outside the city of God wanting to do one thing,… attack the city of God. When they do it will be all over for them. Rev, 20 KJV.


    Here is a documentary by vice about dun key fucking in Colombia, animal lovers don’t let society humiliate you by fucking animals, as long as you don’t hurt no one every thing is OK.


    Here is more , just look at safe places so you get inform and don’t get in trouble here is more info about it, is more comon every day but not normal.

  • sam

    Je souscris totalement à ce point de vue


    I just read that the artist Anita Ferrari AKA Anita Ferraz, Annita Ferrari
    Woman, Actress from Brazil, practice zoofilia…
    And if you look for it you will a image some were!


    Ve estos bien torcidos:


    Ve la cochambres !!!

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