Error-fuck off-

Hi ppl, how you been is been a long time now since the last entry i published and i guess you are wondering why, well let me tell you the thing is i was going to make this entry about mind craft and sphere of despair that some one made , and  i had the entry ready but my pc got a virus or something and for some stupid reason (accident) i deleted the back up hard drive to when i formatted so I’m starting from 0 (cero), i lost all my song projects, al l my blog entries projects, and all my pictures and t- shirt designs that i was working on, i just that my pc is old and i got no money to buy a new one, so if you like what i do and want to help me do beater videos, and write more often you can buy t-shirts from any of my 2 options stores i have if you don’t believe in donations, i think the designs are pretty ok, but if you are one of that persons that do believe in giving donations, you can send me any amount of money from a penny to what ever you want to send me, but since PayPal don’t  process the donations that ppl sends thru their button, you can just send it via PayPal to my donation email any amount is good i really will appreciate it; or if you want to send me free video editing tools or instruments, send me a message ill try to pay for the shipping, o yeah and i will may be adding art store to my webpage so you can order original copies of my paintings.

O yeah other thing , for the ppl that used to go to my taringa postings that i hade many ppl there visiting my postings; from the mega upload stuff, all of the other servers are panicking and deleting files, so most of my files i hade on fileserve are being delete, and since my hard drive was formatted by mistake i need to recover all my files from the internet cause my dvdr is broken to, hahahaha, what the fuck!!!!!!!
i uploaded a new video on my YouTube video account named “don’t you want to ride”  and in my trailer YouTube account i uploaded the trailer for the movie trailer for necromantic , good movie I’m still working on uploading it to stagevu that recently came back to normal, if i accomplish the goal and upload the movie you can be able to see it soon, but need to get account cause is going to be set as adult material so i don’t get banned or something, hope you ppl understand and still have time to read my killer blog and my killer webpage, thanks and good bye, this was DARKO from darkotv till next time.



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    o yeah and for all that traumitized ppl that send me messejes every day that say that i do stuff to them and they can i have a normal life i dont do anything to no one cause i dont talk to no one, stop stalking me, i accept coments but stop stalking me, i dont smoke like you i dont drink soda like you i dont even go to shit the same way, you are a unike person stop saying that im like you…………………….

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