“Happy Valentines”

Valentines day again, what should i do, still alone , still have no friends and is cause i don’t want friends, friends just reminds me of trouble, i enjoy being alone, but what can i write about, well i have no idea, but i know i want to write something this month, is been years since love was part of mi life and i don believe in friendship no more, i don’t even love to hate or hate to love, i have a big flatness for this day and i have been trying to resuscitated it; valentines is been dead for years.
Last year i remember how important is this day for most of kids when they are growing so i went to buy some chocolates and a teddy wrapped up in cellophane paper and took it to kinder garden to my lovely daughter, i think that was the last person that used to make me happy. I was wearing a black and white sweeter with different patterns across (lines, x, dots) shorts and tall leather buts, in my hand some pentagram ring in a middle finger and a couple of hands that hold on mi ring finger, i arrived to kinder garden and the doors where looked , i knocked and some one came it appeared to be the teacher, and i introduce my self, since i haven’t made any presence in that place before, well not as a parent; (When i was younger and used to tag, that school was made, and it used to be just a day care center, and all of the taggers , homies , Goths,rocker, every one used to kick it in that corner at night, to drink get high and tag, we used to brake bottles in the school walls, tag, slam the schools aluminum doors, to wake ppl out and get notes, i remember even setting the school walls on fire, but that was back then when i was another character, another person, well same person deferent mistakes)……..
Well back at school i told the teacher that i was the parent of a lovely young girl named “darky girl” let’s call her that, and she said yeah darky? she is in my class, she reply, she looked sort of scared or something, she did not even got close to me(she: the teacher), i asked her if i could give her something i had for her(her:darky girl) that it was just plastic nothing dangerous , nothing sharp or pointy, she said ok let me asked the principal, wtf, this place looks like a fucking security school or something, come on, I’m the parent, but well the principal came and i told her the same thing, i explained that i want to give her something and i did not had time to take it to her home, but it was a little lye, i just don’t like taking stuff to her house cause I’m not welcome, they always made up excuses and they always busy when i go to visit her, but well, the principal told the teacher to make her come, she did not opened the fence,or let me in , she did not shake my hand or anything, she did not said nice to met you or anything that any normal adult professional should say, she told me to threw it up the fence, and she had to kiss me trough the fence and tank me, so that was  the last time i did something nice on valentines.
This year is different i have been talking to this chic that i have know for years now, that i got from myspa** some year’s back when i used to used that thing, i think she is fun but i have never met her in person, i just talk to her on cam or by phone, lets hope we met soon and she is going to be my first friend in years, may be DARKO is not that dead at all, but just waiting to be rediscovered, i know i have done to many crazy things, and thing’s being crazy(high), but i don’t repent of anything, i may be did some for a cause and some other with out a cause, i was just exploring who i was and i discovered what i really am i try many things but lots of  did not like , its time to move over I’m not a traumatized person, and i don’t like to blame music or blame no one for who i am for what i became, cause  of something they do to me or i listened, I’m just am; i hate obsessive people, I’m racist but not of color, I’m racist to attitudes(then is not really racist, cause a racist is that one that discriminates some one for their race) I’m just a person that like to wear dark clothing,  and is not afraid of saying what he thinks or files like, love painting, love painting women, love loving women, love to many things but i never broke no ones hart, and if i did it wasn’t my intention, i just try to share another piece of my history written down in this virtual paper in this blog hoping that some one haves a good time writing it and hoping to calm ppls bad thoughts, don’t do anything wrong and if you do call me!!!!!
i hope you all have a grate valentines in your own special little way, this was DARKO fro darkotv, till next time!!!!!!!!!!!



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