Monthly Archives: February 2012

“amazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience

Alyssa Bustamante – A Missouri teenager who admitted stabbing, strangling and slitting the throat of a young neighbor girl wrote in her journal on the night of the killing that it was an “amazing” and “pretty enjoyable” experience — then headed off to church with a laugh. Continue reading


“Happy Valentines”

Valentines day again, what should i do, still alone , still have no friends and is cause i don’t want friends, friends just reminds me of trouble, i enjoy being alone, but what can i write about, well i have no idea, but i know i want to write something this month, is been years since love was part of mi life and i don believe in friendship no more, i don’t even love to hate or hate to love, i have a big flatness for this day and i have been trying to resuscitated it; valentines is been dead for years. Continue reading