“¿Is it here jet?”

I think that most of you are familiarized with the end of the world; For years is been a theme on Hollywood and something to talk about in the news, the most common theories is that the aliens are going to invade our planet, or the other is the most resent one that the planet is just going to end on 2012 just like the Aztecs predicted, and not just the Aztecs many other religions predicted for this year; But what do you think?, does it look like the end is here, i think 2012 i more like a year of opportunities, is not the end, their is a lot more to come, don’t you think so?
Don’t be scare to try new things, to me is just been a regular year till now, but is just staring; Lets wait a little bit longer to see if things get better, and for that ppl that are waiting for the martians to come and take them out of their miseries, i think is time to stop waiting cause their not coming, lets start thinking positive and keep going forward, don’t make a plan i don’t believe in making plans cause that way, some one or something just going to come and mess it up for you and may be make it harder to pick it up, so lets just live a regular life, or may be is ok make a plan but not a movie, and if you make a movie, take it to some one it may be the next hairy puta, just be you don’t let the world eat you their is a lot of things to do before the end, i repeat the end is not here jet look around the world is full of opportunities, i see in the news all the time ppl in the India saying that they have nothing to eat and theirs like a million chickens and cows in the background, but they don’t have nothing to eat, if you can not see it i don’t think their is any way my words can help you try to do better, like i say before just keep trying, i heard of some dude that when he was born the doctors told the parents he will live as match 2 or 3 months and he is like 60 right now and still alive, so even if some one tells you the end is soon to come try to do your last effort,may be it is the end but you will die as a soldier fighting for a cause, well to tell you the truth i really don’t have a fucking idea of what else to write about this shit looks like a halleluiah therapy is not my intention i just need it to come and put something in my blog cause is been lonely with no new content, even my web page was going to be remove cause it had no activities for 30 days, if this inspires some one and make them be better from now , tell me it may be why, the reason , what I’m good for, and i just haven discover it, well all i have left to say is that this was DARKO from darkotv till next time……………………………….




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