“What do i want for x mas”

What do you need for x- mas some one asked?

And i thought it for a little bit, what do i want?
Well i will like to get a new microphone a studio mic, so i can record songs with better voice for example, a new computer so i can make better videos, something with at least dual core, or may be a a HD super camera to; So i can make HD videos, well if i think it i need a lots of things the list can go on and on, and for some reason never stop; But i have really have been asking for some thing for a very good time now, i have been asking for a fuck friend, i have been posting for some good time over the internet on craig and many other sites and have got no luck.
What happened to DARKO and his enchants, i haven got anything jet, so Santa please give me a fuck friend, who knows may be i find the love of my life in a fuck, but really, i see all this sites with chicks that are looking for dudes and i send them messages and i get no one to reply, or gay dudes reply and say are you looking for this;  I see the news and every day i see this beautiful chick’s beaten up by her bf that fucked her and pimp her to get some meth, and she still cries and say, don’t leave me please what am i going to do with out you, i may just have a fucking curse, because if they can get chicks to want them that bad, under that kind of circumstances, why i don’t get anything,  is that what women need?, just joking!!!; So if i need to ask for something in this x-mas to that fat dude in a red costume with superpowers and flaying animals, it haves to be for a fuck friend, may be he can brake the curse, cause i asked Satan already, i think Satan lost he’s powers to.

No seriously i can not ask for anything, i mean, i really will like to be a responsible father but for that i need some good money, so i can start with the master plan, and that it will take me a good time to gather, at least i got her her x-mas present that is not much but she haves something under the tree; So i really think i can not ask for anything i have health and I’m still alive i guess, if you are reading this is because at least i was when i ad this entry to my blog, so lets hope i at least get lots of years more so i can keep trying may be I’m not that far from accomplishing some goals, may be yes, but who knows, all i have left to say is don’t feel bad if life is not going out how you want it it, try to look for some other way or keep going the way your going, if your the chick that get beaten and pimped and your happy with it who the fuck cares, if you are happy with that life, no one should care, if your the chick that is looking for a fuck friend and you live in san Diego send me a message, why do i need Santa for, and if you are just some one that is reading my blog, you can leave a comment if you have something to say, or if you like the content just feel free to subscribe, cause i know you definitely aren’t no Santa, so i wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year, o yeah i i know your not my daughter cause she can read jet.
This was DARKO from darkotv till next time.



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