As many of you read before i already purchase a domain, my domain name is darkotv.com, and for the ppl that haven been reading to my past entries, i got darkotv.com cause i darko.com was taken already, so what can i make it ok darkotv.com, so the story is:
I first got my blog here on wordpress, and, how i started to like the idea of having all my accounts linked to one webpage i decide to purchase a domain name here, which i did and i recommend you cause well i think is berry trusted site, but if you are looking to make your own webpage well here(wordpress) is going to cost you a lot of money, but to just get your domain register is pretty un expensive, so well , i got the domain and they mapped my blog to my domain that means that you get your blog as example.com is not no more exemple.wordpress.com, which is ok, but for those who wants to start monetizing you blog and or adding allots of stuff (customize) is better to have your own web page cause wordpress wont let you do a lot of stuff, like adding PayPal button, or getting Google adsense to work with your blog, not even if the blog is under your domain name they wont accept some html codes, and its ok that is why the blog is so secure(or not); So yea i got the domain name and i struggled for some time to do it how i want it, and i even resign to not having the blog with adds and buttons and gadgets, so i just linked my other webs account to it on the side and change the banner, and i think i like it it is starting to look how i want it it, i staid for some days with my blog ass my domain web, or how ever you want to call it, but i realized that i was getting pretty much fucked, i was letting the chance to have my own space how ever i want it it, so the next couple of weeks i started looking for free website design on the net and i found some good services, but in all of them i found problems, well one of them is a flash design your own page thing, and is pretty awesome i created  a very interesting flash page it took me some nights to get it done, and when i finally was just going to linked the page to the domain i found out that they charge me like 50 us dollars to hook it up, so i did not want it to pay that extra cash not because i don’t think it worth it, but cause i just can afforded, i mean i already pay for the privacy of my domain and the domain itself and some other thing that they offered, i cant pay an extra 50 not now, so i saved my design and look for another option and i found another option and it said that is free hook up, and i try it, that some other few nights to get the design i mean , the design was Quick, the thing is to contact here, contact there, and the hole thing with this and that took me like 2 weeks, so in this other site they don’t use the same configuration as wordpress so i wasn’t able to hook it up again, so i try another company and i finally got it running, so if you are one of the people that came to this blog site, you also can find a blog entry that says welcome to darkotv.com now i got my website that haves all of the link from youtube,stagevu,wordpress, taringa,tinychat and all of my accounts, you can also find some of my painting in my painting’s  section, it also have a news section that is going to have news of any activity i do online for exemple, i uploaded a video on you tube account i hope your all enjoy it , the video is about blah,blah blah.
So for all you ppl that is staring to follow me and staring to like my stuff you can go too darkotv.com and book mark it you can access all of my accounts easy from one site instead of googleling site bi site, i hope you ppl enjoy it and well have a good time with darko on darkotv.com, you can leave your coments here or contact me on the darkotv.com site, feel free to express what you have to say, your opinion may be ideas for me , thank you and have a wonderful, fucking ,day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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