!¿¿ i guess I’m just to old to leave at mom’s ??!

Has any of you all ready read my past publications, and for the ones that haven’t, let me tell you, i sell stuff over the internet for a living, some times, my mom, ask me to help her repair stuff around the house and some other times i help her sell stuff over the internet , and don’t charge her anything, since I’m old and leaving almost for free at the house for the exception of the times i do work for the house with out charging anything; Well this time she asked me to help her cell her desktop , since she update to a mini.

Now in days is risky to cell computers with hard drive on it you know the world is full of scams, every one knows that; Well, i formatted the computer and reestablished it to is regular configuration, how it came from the store, and almost get it  reestablished to the fabricant warranty, i left the petition pending, so since i leave here almost for free, i did not charged her anything, this past week she told me that she already had sold it to a brother of her, that she already had the money with her, that she sold it for around 100 dollars, that she was so happy that she was going to pay me with 3 bottles of 3 liter soda, wow, you know i cant ask for nothing, your making me the favor to have me here, so she said don’t mater i want to give you 3, 3 liter sodas, since we don’t drink soda that often and she know i like it a lot; Well, like 2 days ago she was asking me al night to bring the computer down of my closet where i had it, so i told her i will pull it down when you brother is here, so next day, yesterday, i pull it down in the morning and wait almost all day for the guy to come and pick it up, the guy came like around 3 or 4 i don’t remember the time and he did not want it to event look at the computer, i plugged everything up, and to make hem feel more comfortable with it, i told hem, ok log in, type the password and i told hem the pw, he was like yeah, yeah, i see is ok don’t worry I’m just going to take it, but, since i already know how my moms family is, i really need hem to see it functioning, before he took it , so i logged, tested the audio and show hem that it was all right, you know windows opened fast, everything have fast response, the components like windows media player, windows movie maker were there ready to be install, well he saw it but, he was acting al weird, was trying to pull the monitor with out turning it of, or unplugging it, or turning out the computer, he almost brake it apart, so i took it away from hem and turn it of and unplugged it, and he tried again taking the monitor to the car, i stopped hem and, i asked hem to wait, I’m going to bring a paper that it said’s  that I’m not responsible for what happened to the computer, or what some one can do with it; like i ask anybody else that make business with me and he freaked out and start saying no, no , I’m not going to sign anything, Omar we are family, aren’t we, and i told hem well since i repair it and i invest money on it in parts i did not want to be bothered later, that some did something wrong with the computer and they investigate and found out that i bought some parts for that pc and get me involved in investigations, is not something from other world; i thought that, that, just happened in movies and news to scare ppl out, (like 5 month ago i was scammed over the internet, some one got my debit card info and was using it to bet over the internet, i got charged like 100 dollars, good thing that banks have fraud protection and i got my money back, and a new debit card), well may be because of this I’m kind of preoccupied a little bit more, so i told hem your not taking anything if you don’t sign this paper just put your name on it, read it is just for my protection and your to, he said I’m not signing anything i guess I’m not taking it, well then at least I’m going to take the parts that i installed of and he said, no I’m just not going to take it , so he was leaving and my mom went to get the money and gave it back to hem, he toke of the house, left the computer, took the money, and she started it telling me that i was crazy like every time she wants to take me for granted, and that if i did not go to a psychologist she was going to bring some one to take me by force to a madhouse, and i said well I’m leaving, i don’t need therapy, I’m going to get out the house, and all i tell you is you already know how i do my things don’t ask me for help if you don’t like the way i do things, and she keep saying i don’t care what you say , if you don’t go by your self I’m going to have some one to take you by force, and this reminded me like 4 or 5 yrs ago she told me the same thing but, since back then i drink to often the excuse was that she was going to send me to a rehab clinic which she did, and she left me in for 3 or 4 months and pay them like 300 dollars to keep me in all that time, and since in México with money the dog dances, they did.
when i was in some of them the most normal ones were asking me that i did not belong there that why i was in, well i did not understand  what was really happening, so that was my answer,i have no idea, i got out to find out that i had no job and my car was sold, so i don’t understand what does to have with me getting rehabilitated, I’m sure that by law no one can come and pull me out of the house with no legal authorization and the guys that pulled me out where just some fucking delinquents, they had no authority to take me, so this time she said that if i don’t go to a psychologist “because she haves freaky family members”,(that’s what i think is the problem, I’m being sarcastic) she is going to pay some one to take me out of the house and take me to a mad house, i keep telling her I’m just going to leave the house and she repeats, no if you don’t go to a psychologist I’m going to pay some one to take you by force to a mad house, well i really don’t understand her and I’m not sure if she is just saying that cause she was mad at the time, so I’m thinking of leaving, I’m to old to leave at my moms i guess, but she said that she don’t care if i leave, if i don’t go to therapy she will take me to mad house and locked me in, so is in this abuse, what should i do?, i really don’t like drama i hate drama solving life with drama, i mean a normal person will sew her for that type of actions, and if i did that probably the family will have me killed or something, i really think she haves psychological problems and she is being crazier since my bro started to study psychology, is kind of strange cause since he supposedly have to knows how to treat crazy ppl, he should know by now how to calm ppl up, i will like you ppl to tell me what should i do, what you think i should do?, if any one reads my blog, lave me a comment i want your advise, should i let her keep treating me like that, i mean supposedly leaving is not an option, she don’t cares where I’m at, if i don’t go to therapy I’m she is taking me to a mad house, and i repeat here in México if you have money it doesn’t care nothing else, you just need to have the right amount, and since she knows ppl from the government it really makes me  feel so helpless, so at least if something happens with the computer, or if she does something to me just because she thinks I’m crazy, at least, their is going to be a publication and ppl and proof that i did not sold any computer, and that I’m not accepting any treatment, just because she said so, i mean, i don’t have criminal record or any record of being aggressive or do crazy things, i thing for the government to take the decision of obligate you to go to a madhouse it need to have a record of being aggressive or something, i don’t even have thickets, well just one for not having frontal plate, but some one stole it from me, so it doesn’t count.
i just need hem to sign the paper to show hem that i take my job serious, and is not a game, well i think I’m done with this publication, o yeah i almost forget she still sold the computer to who knows who!!!!!!!!!!
Again , comment if you can it doesn’t take much time, subscribe if you want to follow me, visit my you tube account, anything is good i hope you enjoy reading about my life and i really think is just stupid writhing things about my life, this is definitely not me…..
This was DARKO from DARKOTV till next time (as long i can)…………….



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