¡¡¡¿What have you done for extra cash?!!!

I heard that some ppl when they need money and don’t have a job, or for some extra bucks, they go to donate blood for 20 dollars and a cup of animal crackers, some other tear of the house in the surge for copper or aluminum,and their is many , many things ppl do for some extra bucks when the rope is to tight to the neck, well some years before when i used to live with my cousin in San Diego , we where having problems economically, the work on construction was so slow and we were not making enough money to pay bills and food, one day he got one of his girls friends at the apartment, she call hem and he told hem that he was having rough times and she told hem, really?, well you see i got this really good weed that i want to share with you it may help you relax a little and forget about your problems while you smoke it, so it happened, she arrived at the house with a 20 oz bottle of king cobra and a baggy of her magical weed, so they start smoking i got some good shots of the beer and baked, and then she starts talking about this place she  and her friend went to, it was a place that offered you a gift card for 30 dollars of gas and some money i think it was like 40 dollars cash or something like that for going to a meeting , and listen to them wile they try to cell you vacations in their chaired time condominiums , during the meeting you can eat hot coco , coffee , soda, cookies and many other things, the only problem was  that it was for couples, so they finished all the weed and she left but left us the address and the number of this place, and said think of something take some one and made something up, so like a week later , of thinking about it we did not had no girls to take since our lives were just work and home, so we decide to call and made an appointment, and the day came, we did not had no girls at the time, so we went and play a gay couple, so we got to this place we entered holding our hands, we sign in  and sit down, late like always interrupting the meeting, but we are there finally every thing is going to end up fast just need to be their for 1 hr and we will get our stuff , so we plaid our roll  i set he went and get our stuff coffee, cookies, i think we had a little bit of every thing, made questions like we where interested on the offers and stuff, the meeting finished and we went to the receptionist for our gifts, thinking lets hope we nail this one, the receptionist asked us to have a sit and asked us about what we thought about the offers and stuff like does any one in the family owns shared time condos, do you like the prices, blah, blah , blah you know, and then¡¡¡¡¡

She asked so , how long have you been as a couple, uhhh, we where fearing that so we get uncomfortable, are you married or just shared your lives together, and we where thinking we are so screwed, we are not getting anything and we had to listen them for an hour so  we answer we don’t feel to comfortable talking about us jet, and every time she tried asking us something about how is your relationship as a couple we replied we really don’t feel comfortable talking about us , she finally stopped asking question and said well i hope you guys enjoyed our offers i hope you have a wonderful day it was a pleasure chatting with you, you can leave now, so we stand up and we where about to leave with empty hands, but he decide to ask, excuse me when we called they told us that you where going to give us free stuff for coming to the meeting, she replied o yes i thought you had your stuff already, come here ill give it to you and handle us the folder with gift card and the cash for our time, i guess we did it we got our stuff, lets hope they don’t keep our names and we don’t have a gay profile,  so i think that is the most crazy thing I’ve done for money.

Some time later we where working together but not leaving together i arrived at the site kind of drunken , i staid in pacific beach with a friend that took me to this strange place fill with doffs(ppl) drinking naughty ice, it was a very confusing night, i got to the site still confuse and feeling funny, i buy like 3 cans of  monster and started working, everything was going great, i mean i felt like shit , but i was working and i was going to stay until i finished the job so i staid, and just finishing the last piece, i was putting the skill saw on the side to check the piece of trim i was cutting and felt something funny on my hand like something pulled my finger, and, the saw, the disk, made a sound, like in the movies, when they are fighting with swords and the swords hit each other that kind of sound, i did not felt any pain so i did not thought of anything bad, i look at the saw, mmm, nothing wrong, i look at my hand and my finger, ahhhhhhhhh, what happened to my finger, half of my nail is gone my thumb is gone, so i looked in the floor for it the peace that was missing and screaming hector you better come here something really wrong happened, my finger is gone, and since all of you don’t know i was working with no social security and had no money to go to the doctor, so the owner of the house i think it was a teaches so she knew some doctors in a hospital near the place she called and got me in and the doctors help me with the finger and everything at the time the doctors asked for my info. my cousin said he had lost to many blood and does not feel good i don’t think he is in a position to fill up information, i think i can do that for hem, so he grabbed the form and fill up the info. he put my name with his second name, and his address, his moms address, some time later they started resaving a later from the hospital charging them a lot of money like 1000 dollars or something, witch supposedly the guy that contract us was taking care of but never did, so that is another story the thing is that now their is a record of me like if I’m a brother of hem or it may look like if i was married with hem, i really hope i was gotten as his brother, cause I’m not gay, and i don’t think he is either, he is getting married this year, and i have kids already.
So here it is a good example of that a lie becomes truth with some one believes it, i was looking at the internet white pages the other day and found that my name appears on the white pages with that fake name he gave, lets hope it stops their and don’t get bigger cause some one can use it to make something bad now in days is really easy that ppl use fake information to scam, i did not scam no one , lets say i was just surviving, or what do you think, if have some thing you want to say about this experience of mine feel free to  leave a comment  and lets us know what you think……………………
This was DARKO from DARKOTV till next time.



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