Monthly Archives: August 2011

!¿¿ i guess I’m just to old to leave at mom’s ??!

Has any of you all ready read my past publications, and for the ones that haven’t, let me tell you, i sell stuff over the internet for a living, some times, my mom, ask me to help her repair stuff around the house and some other times i help her sell stuff over the internet , and don’t charge her anything, since I’m old and leaving almost for free at the house for the exception of the times i do work for the house with out charging anything; Well this time she asked me to help her cell her desktop , since she update to a mini. Continue reading


¡¡¡¿What have you done for extra cash?!!!

I heard that some ppl when they need money and don’t have a job, or for some extra bucks, they go to donate blood for 20 dollars and a cup of animal crackers, some other tear of the house in the surge for copper or aluminum,and their is many , many things ppl do for some extra bucks when the rope is to tight to the neck, well some years before when i used to live with my cousin in San Diego , we where having problems economically, the work on construction was so slow and we were not making enough money to pay bills and food, one day he got one of his girls friends at the apartment, she call hem and he told hem that he was having rough times and she told hem, really?, well you see i got this really good weed that i want to share with you it may help you relax a little and forget about your problems while you smoke it, so it happened, she arrived Continue reading