Well i guess , since no one ever ask or comment anything, that some people(ppl) are surfing on the web and find this DARKOTV thing, and say o good and click and come in expecting to find some tv show or some free online tv or at least some radio, well i Chose the name cause well i called my self DARKO cause i had it to get a name to tag, and since no one call me anything but my name  i decide since i liked heavy metal music, industrial metal, and i dressed in black all the time and i had always very dark ideas , i call my self DARKO and started tagging, with time their where other guys that started tagging the same name so i just change the name several times cause i need it no trouble, one of the names i had is DARKO, DRAKO, FOKIE, and some other’s , so i have been DARKO for the last 15 or 13 years, ppl still know me as DARKO in Tijuana México where I’m from and live on right now, so i guess that all you ppl have notes’ to that every time you try to get an e-mail all are already been taken so you have to chose something like (DARKO123234356567256337657) and many numbers in my case, so when i try getting my account on wordpress and many other places the name (DARKO) was always taken so i had to add it the tv thing , i mean is king of a great idea of one day having this thing like stickman or some thing that haves many people shows under my empire but wow that is just a big dream, so i guess , that for all those ppl that comes here expecting to see tv or view cams or something i found this free software the other day on the internet that you can download or just use it online, is called earth media, I’m going to post it and this way you may not be to disappointed and can may be visit the post to listen to radio stations or watch free tv and web cams around the world, w/every the software offers you, and the other option is visiting my stagevu channel to see the movies i take the time to upload, i think is just like 2 movies now cause ppl complains about some movies content and administration delete the movies with out any reason , at least they don’t let me know why, so here is the link for stagevu:

And the earth media thing is the next, i hope this blog supports it if not im going to leave the link to:

O another thing for the ppl that have download the dvds i edit and upload on taringa you see something like Garcia productions, or something like Garcia org. i really don’t remember what its says but it looks like is an organization, i did it al by my self i just got the videos from fans and made the dvds menus and everything with the help of some software that i found, and i just put stuff like Garcia productions to make it look more professional, or to fill in hahaha, so i hope you ppl have a good time, and don’t forget feel free to leave your comments and subscribe, can ask or w/ever you feel like adding to the blogs just need to fill in the right info.

This was DARKO from DARKOTV till next time……..



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