The book of life aka”la mancha”

I remember  when i was a young boy, that was around the 1990’s’, 1980’s. I used to study in a private school is called Colegio Mentor Méxicano in Tijuana Baja California, is one of Tijuana’s most prestige schools ; i used to be a very good boy and fragile little thing, the lonely boy that no one never even notes’ it, i even used to cry every time the teacher got mad at me and let me know if i was doing something wrong, i remember that their was another school near mine, back then i just new school and the house, i was all day inside the building and out to the house, but some times when i got out of school i used to go get some cards that every one used to collect, i don’t know if any one remembers the Pepsi cards, O.M.G, i used to love them, i remember the smell , the satisfaction that i had every time i opened a new package, that wasn’t to often do, cause my parents barely had money to pay bills and my school; every some long time my grandpa or uncles gave some thing they call in México, Domingo’s, the Domingo’s is a a amount of money for being good behaved, and i saved it to get my cards. So, i remember that the little store that sell the cards was around the corner, that means i need to get close to the nun’s school territory, and that, scared me even more, let me show you some pictures of what I’m talking about.

This is the school i used to go to, it is on a street name brazil, it haves primary school, middle high, high school, and college, in this one building, just crossing the street is the kinder garden from the same owner but different building, how you see in the next picture.

In the next street that is named calle Ensenada, is the nuns private school territory, which is kind of owned by the schools, how you see in the next pictures.

This building haves kinder garden and primary school, and the other one that you see in the next picture haves, middle school and high school, and college i think, so this is the nun territory.

On this next picture i will show you an aerial view of the land so you can have a better idea of what I’m talking about, and with red rectangles the territory marked.

This 2 schools always had some thing going on , some competition of who is the best or something like that, i mean not drama but you know, professional competition.

Another thing i used to remember it was that my uncle used to work on the library on the Mentor School , and some Years later He moved to the nuns school that is called Instituto Progreso……………..

17 Yrs later I’m sitting in my dark room having dark thoughts , about dark projects i have, and my uncle called me and told me that the superior non told hem to buy a painting for the library and he told her “ i have a nephew that paints, how would you like hem to make the painting instead” and she agreed, so their is me telling hem that it was a pleasure that a prestige school like the Progress institute gave me a opportunity to get a piece of my art in their installations, but i was not to sure cause i always paint grotesque stuff , naked women , penises , mutilating buddies, strange stuff , i don’t think i can make something nice , so he told me think about it and if you decide to do it, just give me a call and give me the price, so well , i really like the idea of selling a painting , but another thing is that i usually paint to get out my frustrations just for me so , is going to be so difficult and plus i have the pressure that is for the school that my uncle works at, he’s always been a good person to me i really don’t want to disappoint hem, or embraced hem, so i said i was going to think about it, so the time pass i taught about it and since i need it money i decide to call hem and give hem a price, and wala , i started painting, the only thing he told me not to, is, don’t put any sexual or explicit content on the images, so i did, i made the painting since it had no sexual content or anything it was so difficult to me to even get started, i was going to put some light reflections, with red colour, a red that is so red that looks like blood,the idea was to simulate light from a church windows, you know how it haves to many colors on the saints figures, well it was going to have some red , the red i usually use to paint blood.

I just cud  not concentrate or anything, and out of a sudden the painting was finished simple so simple, no red’s , that red usually inspires violence, i let it out this time, i was so tired i went to sleep naked in my room, it just feels so, so, good; At that day, later , at night, i heard some one knocking on the door, so i woke up,  it was my bro!, but he sounded so mad, like something was going out with hem, i asked what do you want, and he replied, i need the phone give me the phone now, and i say hold on, and he screamed now, i need the phone now , and start punching the door, so i said you better hold on or i wont give you anything, so he decide to broke the door by kicking it and punching it , i mean , the idea was to use that red color that attracts violence and he is almost finish studying psychology so i don’t think he can get that mad for a phone, psychologist study to treat mentally ill patients, so they have to be very patient  to treat people all kinds of people and never lose it, and another thing i never scream or say nothing bad to hem to trigger hem out,  when he finally got in the room he tried to look fast where the painting was and look at it, so i guess the original idea was so intense he got possessed, or, he is just going to be a bad psychologist, or, the school haves bad teachers, well i just going to say, it may be the idea, was to intense, he got poses with it, but guess what, i did not use red, cause it burns!!!!!,Once said my friend Johnny cash; so i finally finished the painting very simple painting i felt like something was missing, no violent colors as much normal i cud, i guess ; and, guess what, i got paid!, so, that makes my first official sold painting, some time before like around 2005 when i started painting i had like 3 or 4 water colours and some chick told me that she wants to buy one from me and i said since no one ever appreciate what i do i want you to have it for free, and, she said, ok, I’m going to put it on my house she was a college student and she was renting an apartment near my house, some blocks from here ,she was going out with my  neighbor so , i didn’t even got laid or anything. I really don’t count that as the first one, i hope she still keeps it, and enjoys it, i hope to sell more painting, and people keeps liking what i do, I’m baptize catholic but never go to church so this may be the only painting i make for nuns  or religious, is not like they are bad or is against my manners, said Judas Iscariot……………

Just a little joke, i hope you people keep reading my blogs watching my videos , and enjoying my you know what, soon i will  bee posting a different story, of on Other era of my life, see you next time , this was DARKO from DARKOTV.



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